Whitepaper of AB (Argotbit)


    Whitepaper Written by: Stephone “Aming” ZhAo ChoW, Alintung 34th

    2018 May 22 (本白皮书为英文及中文版)

    Mission to Denationalization of money

    Path the way of freedom for great peoples

    Hidden the Exchange Platform under Tor 

    Stop the Evil from Government

    Decentration Government

    We all knows that stolen money is criminal, robbery is criminal, but the government printing the Banknote robbery every citizen without permission and transparency is Not Criminal. 

    The political men spend the money paid by taxpayers on the project which contrary the interest of public, while leftwing claims social welfare but you working hard to pay for them. 

    Whether dictatorship or democracy system, the government is not serve people but slave them. Government has army and policemen which they said to protect your security, but on historical experiences they killed man and women much more than any bloody murders.

    We were on the way to Serfdom, but a Decentration Government which support by people own by people could path the way to freedom.

    The mission of AB token is promoting Cyber Privacy, established a Crypto Society, denationalization of money and decentration the governments.

    If the world run by AB token which transfer easy and anonymous, you can buy a coffee by scan the QR code, no one will pay tax to government.

    AB-Tax will airdrop to every AB account. You can pay AB-Tax for Projects which run by government or NGOs. The function of government will Decentration. If the NGO can protect your security, pay less and done more, why not pay the AB-Tax to them rather than to policemen?

    The functions of government will have divided, funds and run by AB-Tax, the era of Really Democracy coming. If the projects not support by people, it won’t collect enough AB-Tax to rise its funds. You can say No to those who not created wealth but consume it. Free-Healthcare? No! 

    Mission of AB token for the land of freedom and people of brave. It will swift the world much better and fairness.

    Stephone “Aming” ZhAo ChoW, Alintung 34th

    2018 may 22


    The mission of AB (ArgotBit) is “Denationalization of money”. Path the way of freedom for great peoples. AB’s mission has 3 Stages:

    Stage 1:  AB token under ERC20 standard. Develop Airdrop System and Exchange Platform.

    Stage 2:  AB foundation, invest in Wallet, Encrypted Communication, Network solutions, Security solutions etc.

    Stage 3:  AB blockchain with own standard which much better than ERC20. The AB blockchain will conduct the Mission.


    Telegram Group: https://t.me/argot_me

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/argot_me

    Website: https://argot.me

    Email: [email protected]

    Contract: 0x06178110E4202Fd6295e8E3417303Ba39c1AB8F2

    Buy AB send ETH to: 0xeC4cC4cA3e6cb6D5096e365567e610D11bc8136C  

    1 ETH = 500 AB minimum order quantity 0.5AB


    In past of years, Bitcoin is much like social experiment which proved people’s willing of denationalization of money. But Bitcoin has its technical problems, it is not easy to buy an ice cream on street, so it cannot instead of legal tender. Other Coins also.

    Cryptocurrency instead of legal tender, it must easy to buy an ice cream on street. So, it must payment via scan QR code, zero transfer fee, Confirm the payment in 5 seconds, the network can finish 10 million payments in 1 second.

    Anyway, the Bitcoin or Eth coin is not anonymous, government can track your address, surveillance it and collect your Tax. So, the new crypto currency must Anonymous and its exchange platform must could have hidden in Tor.

     Fulfils these requirements, the cryptocurrency is the one will instead the legal tender which issued by government.

    AB mission is Denationalization of money, it is not Bitcoin or Eth coin, it conducts its mission to give freedom for great peoples. We believe that only denationalization the money, the power could back to people who work hard to create wealth, only destroy the Tax the government do will serve for people but not fool them.

    AB mission is willing to establish a new type of blockchain standard, which can easy buy an ice cream on street via scan QR code to pay, confirm payment in 5 seconds, the government can not track your payment records, etc.

    AB token

    AB (Argotbit) is willing to develop the wallet, airdrop system, exchange platform, encrypt communication, security solutions, ab blockchain. Mission for develop a new type of standard.

    1.    consumer grade payment

    You cannot buy an ice cream via Bitcoin because it not easy to pay, the transfer fee might be cover an ice cream, and you need wait for long time the ice cream will melt. So, we require AB token to develop a new type of blockchain which easy to use, scan the QR code, confirm the payment in 5 seconds, zero transfer fee, support 10 million payments in 1 second.


    2.    Anonymous

    Your transfer record will encrypt to keep anonymous, so the government cannot track your income, and you no need pay any Tax.


    3.    Money creation & airdrop ABTAX

    AB will keep slow money creation, every account will airdrop ABTAX, the amount you got is up to your deposit balance.  But the ABTAX could not to be use or pay, it only can use to vote Projects you favor. When the Projects got your ABTAX it will automatically swift to AB. The project could be run by government or NGOs.


    AB token details

    Some details about AB (Argotbit) is can disclosure:


    1.    10 million payments in 1 seconds

    Most of payment is small amount such like buy an ice cream, so people not care about pay a little money to exchange immediately payment confirm. AB allowed to upgrade your account by “Prepay Deposit” and its irreversible, this mean you have Secured Transactions so the network could confirm your payment in 1 second.

    For example, you deposit 100 AB in “prepay deposit” and its irreversible. Once you scan QR code on street to buy an ice cream which cost 1AB, so, most of small amount transactions can check blockchain and confirmed your account is security in 100AB, so they can confirm it in 1 seconds.

    Most of transactions is small amount, but if you buy a Car, it will make you wait for 10 minutes just like Eth network do, but who care the 10 minutes? You were buy a car, not an ice cream.


    2.    DDOS solution

    AB network is for free to use, zero transfer fee, so it could face the DDOS. As solution, we make the ABGAS for airdrop every account, the amount you airdropped is up to the AB balance.

    Your transaction is Nearly Free. It will cost ABGAS the ABGAS will swift AB for peoples who support the AB blockchain network.

    If one account DDOS the network it will spend all his ABGAS, then every transaction he made will spend his AB.


    3.    Payment gateway

    Anyone could set up payment gateway for business men, if the transaction from his gateway, he can get half ABGAS, these will promote AB to application in business sectors.


    4.    Hidden in Tor

    The exchange platform and transaction could have hidden in Tor.


    AB token plan

    At the first stage of AB mission, we will issue the AB token under ERC20 standard. Most of develop will under Ethereum network and ERC20 standard. We will develop Airdrop system, Member center, Exchange Platform. Now the airdrop system is nearly finished.

    If we finish the plans in first stage, it will cost a period to promote AB in public and media reported and prepare for second stage: AB foundation.

    AB foundation will invest the media, wallet, security solutions, encrypt communication, network solutions etc. In this stage we will collect the Human Resource for develop the new standard blockchain AB.

    If AB blockchain established, ERC20 AB token could exchange AB blockchain token.

    Someone said we were change the world, but AB mission do will change the world and path the way of freedom for great peoples and our holders.



    Whitepaper Written by: Stephone “Aming” Zhao Chow, Alintung 34th

    2018 May 22





















     Stephone “Aming” Zhao Chow, Alintung 34th

    2018 May 22



    AB (ArgotBit) 暗币的目标就是 “货币的去国家化”。这将为那些伟大的人们铺设一条通往自由的道路。暗币会分三个阶段:


    第一阶段:  会发行基于ERC20标准的暗币,研发空投系统和交易系统。


    第二阶段:  成立暗币基金,投资于钱包,加密通讯,网络解决方案,安全解决方案。


    第三阶段:  开发比ERC20更好的暗币区块链标准,以便暗币成完成其使命。


    电报群: https://t.me/argot_me

    推特: https://twitter.com/argot_me

    网站: https://argot.me

    电子邮件: [email protected]

    ERC20合约: 0x06178110E4202Fd6295e8E3417303Ba39c1AB8F2

    ETH打款地址: 0xeC4cC4cA3e6cb6D5096e365567e610D11bc8136C

    1 ETH = 500 AB 最小订货量 0.5AB















    AB (Argotbit) 暗币要研发钱包,空投系统,交易系统,加密通讯,安全方案,旨在建立新型货币生态和更完美的加密货币标准,暗币会满足以下特征:


    1.    消费级支付解决方案



    2.    匿名



    3.    增发和空投ABTAX(暗币税金)






    1.    在一秒钟内完成1000万次交易





    1.    DDOS防御机制

    暗币是免费使用的,零手续费的,因此会导致DDOS。为此我们要对每个账户空投ABGAS 金额也是与你持有暗币的金额有关。通常来说,使用暗币网络是完全免费的。你会消耗ABGAS,对于一般人来说ABGAS是充足的。但是如果你要发起DDOS,那么你的ABGAS一旦消耗完,每次交易系统会扣除你的暗币作为手续费。


    2.    支付网关



    3.    藏身暗网