Protocol for Hidden Exchange Platform in DarkNet (Draft)

  • Summary

    "Seigniorage" is the power of Gvernment. the crypto currency back it to poeple. that's why regulators hostility to crypto currency.

    After all , the Exchange Platform is in high political risk and hostility from government. 

    That's why some Protocols make Exchange Platform based on Blockchain and decentralization. Finally, they were all failed. Those solutions , also can not deal with the political risk if they succeed.

    AB mission , open to a fresh new way. We hidden the Exchange Platform in DarkNet ( or Deep Web ) , so that the government can not find it. ( Just like the famous Silke Road ).

    Anyway, AB mission will develop an “Infrastructure for Exchange" which based on DarkNet.  

    Everyone can establish an Exchange Platform in 1 hours by the TOOLS we offer to you in future.

    to be continue.....