Government is biggest scammer that's why they hate cryptocurrency, but think more about future

  • 政府就是最大的庞氏骗局诈骗犯,他们痛恨数字货币。但是从未来长远看,这些无耻的官员都有死掉的一天,“数字货币一代”将会掌权

    Most of government observe Keynesianism. In fact the Keynesianism

    is a Ponzi scheme. Government is the biggest scammer.

    The government print the Note without transparency. They were inefficiency and corruption and abuse the regulation power.


    Nowdays, the government use the regulation power to effect the Cryptocurrency market, the purpose is maintainance the Power of Print Money. Or, the Power of Robbery People.


    In futher, the cryptocurrency market will be worse , because many government were protecting their Right on Currency. But in long-term , the market is optimism.


    The life of a person is fairness. That why the Old-men in Governments will dead in future. Those Shameless-Generation will be dead in further 20 years.


    When the New-Gerneration ruler the states, I mean the 1990s-gerneration. These is Cryptocurrency-Gerneration. The market 20 year later will much friendly.


    Now, it's time to buy some Token when the market so bad and prepare for the Golden-Time.


    Written by Boss of