AB & ABUSD: Wallet, Payment, Hybird-Defi

  • In past years ARGOT ME have airdrop coins for free, set up exchange platforms, and never ICO. But things seem unlucky. no one trading The coins were given for free, so only sell no one buys. the problem is: All my coins were USELESS. 

    If look at any ERC20 coins that have values, you will see the BNB, USDT, ZRX, HT, BUSD, TUSD. those kinds of coins still have price and value. that because it is useful, the xUSD meant it using for trading, the HT, BNB using for collecting the trading fee. So we understand how to find a good coin, just find it using for what purpose and the purpose were reasonable.

    The value of Coins

    If we look at the values of useful coins, their price was steady. That means BINDING something that is useful and created value. if one coin could buy one ice cream. that means the values of the coin Binding the one ice cream. Because the ice cream price is steady, so the price of a coin is steady.

    BTC, ETH their price is unsteady, the ETH price crash to 85USD each from 1000USD. In fact, it is a coin that never binding any valuable things and business.

    About Defi 

    If we look at the values of ETH because it is issued too much and the price could easily crash. So Defi is a good idea that locks the ETH and makes the price high and steady. it will give back the ETH coin, it could 100% deliver commitment.

    What will AB do?

    So will MOSTLY support USEFUL coins. Besides AB will add ABUSD as the main trading coin. One ABUSD means the values of One USD, ABUSD will not airdrop so to maintain the value never reduce.

    The values of the coin depending on its use. So both AB and ABUSD will be used in many industries as Trading Infrastructure Money, and AB will using for Hybrid-Defi purpose.

    I think AB Hybrid-Defi MAYBE could be given 10% coins per year. 

    Then ABUSD will be used in many industries, Game, E-commerce, Payment, Coupon, etc...

    Part of ABUSD earned will be used to maintain the market and price of AB.

    So forget about how AB Hybrid-Defi returns 10% or 100%. each year. The AB price depends on if ABUSD runs well. 

    Value of ABUSD

    If you throw One Doller into the sea I give you one ABUSD meant the Value Binding ONE DOLLAR, so is how Bitcoin consuming the Electronic Power and binding the value.

    ABUSD value depends on How much  "Exchange Out" and How much Collected (earned). So the only way is to make ABUSD using in many industries.

    The strategy of Argot Me

    A better way is directly connected to ordinary business. When the coin directly exchanging the Goods that mean the value binding. for example: Buy a Coffee.

    So the strategy of ARGOT ME will focus on the wallet payment. the "Miner" in the AB system will diversification, he can be a man who exchanges AB Hybrid Defi, he can be a coffee shop owner who used the ARGOT payment system.

    ARGOT ME will mostly like a Payment Solutions Provider, Wallet Solution Provider. 

    Prefer Projects:

    Argot Me hope more Developers help to code more projects that supporting ABUSD consumption and payment. If it is working ARGOT ME will pay you ABUSD.

    1. Exchange Platform 

    Open Source Exchange Platform will Free of Charge, including the OTC market. Force to using ABUSD as the main trading coin.

     2. Fund Me Coin

    ARGOT wants to run a charity platform. To help the people in need and solve the Corruption in the charity industry. To distribution, the ABUSD directly to the beneficiary.

    3. E-Shop Plugs

    To make the e-shop systems supporting AB payment. 

    4. Coupon System

    Such as in Coffee Shop if you pay in ABUSD it will have a discount, and ARGOT will issue a Coupon pay for customers.

    5. Car APP

    Such as Uber but it consumes ABUSD as the charge. Open Source.

    6. E-commerce App

    Such as Lazada.com, Open Source, and Full Solution.

    7. Hostel App

    Such as Airbnb,  Open Source, and Full Solution.

    8. Wallet Tech

    BTC, ETH, XMR... wallet tech. ARGOT wants to build a multi-coin gateway.

    9. Security Solution

    Security solution to protect the wallet safe.

    10. Blockchain network

    Design a blockchain network for AB.

    If you want to develop the above projects feel free to contact ARGOT ME.

    Coupon Project:

    Volunteers promote coupon project to shop owners such as Coffee Shop. You will reward with ABUSD.

    If you want to be volunteers join these projects feel free to contact ARGOT ME.