Make the Coins Value is Improtant

  • Argot Me will not take the usual road.

    In the year of 2018, we take the usual road but not ICO just personal invested.  In those days we earned. 

    but know in 2018, we understand the market is fake. 99% projects were not really deliver. 

    Yes, we not ICO and deliver all what we promissed. but it not use. the market is fake. Eeven the Coins we airdrop is also lack of values.

    So in later days Argot Me will not take the usual road. The improtant is make the coins valueble.

    So in later days, we will remove all the airdrops only leave AB.

    Based on AB , we will make it value:

    1st. tech will open to some cooperates. these tech is consume AB.

    2nd. Exchanger wil DIY your coins, mean you can submit coins and Exchange with AB immediately.

    3rd. We will make AB as a New Religion. using AB to award Missionary..

    with the Missionary, AB will valueble.