Argot will develop new tech : Dream Pool

  • GoFundMe in blockchain.

    If you ask me which coins has value, only Bitcoin, ETH, USDT....No more.

    Most of coins were No Value including some coins we created like AB. so we will remove all useless coins and only using USDT.

    We will develop a new tech: Dream Pool.

    The dream pool is a Donation Pool for help people who has a dream or in hard time via blockchain. 

    It like a blockchain version GoFundMe but has the addtional function : “If True”. (in chinese 苟富贵,勿相忘)

    The "If true" function mean if your dream come to true you "willing to" donate back X% into the pool. ( for example: 200% ).

    It is Donation not Investment ! so if his dream real come to true he maybe not donate back,  it is "Willing to", not "Have to".

    For example:

    if you donate 1000 USDT it will created 2000FUSDT( frozen-USDT ) under your account in the POOL. It could not withdraw untill unfreeze.

    Anyone could donate back into the POOL. the donation will divided into Packages (Like 10USDT each) the Packages will unfreeze the donor's FUSDT.

    If too many Donors not enough Packages. it will using DICE. 

    DICE Number multiply by Your Donation Amount. to challenge Unfreeze.


    1. Anyone could created a POOL if he pay ETH. so some pool onwers maybe scammer.

    2. Not every dreams could come to be true.

    3. Not every pool owners will Donate Back if his dream come to be true.

    4. You give up lawsuit-rights if you using Dream Pool.

    5. Promotion link not mean the pool owner is not a scammer.

    币圈暗语将完全使用ETH和USDT作为保留币种,其他无流动性币种全部删除。我们将主要研发新型功能:(苟富贵,勿相忘)Dream Pool 

    “苟富贵”是类似于GoFundMe这样的捐币系统,旨在帮助你度过难关,或者达成梦想。与GoFundMe不一样的是,我们还有“还愿”功能。坛主 (Pool Owner) 会许下一个“心愿”。将来发达了,愿意回捐X%。(假设200%)





    1. 任何人都有可能创建POOL包含骗子。

    2. 不是每个人都会美梦成真。

    3. 就算美梦成真之后,也会遇上白眼狼。

    4. 你放弃起诉的权利

    5. 所有的推荐链接并不代表POOL拥有者不是骗子。

    6. 保留一切解释权。

    7. 以中文为准。