Smart Airdrop under development

  • it could airdrop ETH coin

    The smart airdrop system was under development. Before we have one but that one is no good enough. it only can airdrop Useless Coins could not airdrop ETH or other Expensive Coins. The new one will much more SMART.

    For example: if I want to airdrop 0.1 ETH to 100 users. I will say "Go to Bet" from 2021-5-1 to 2021-5-4.

    It is not decided who will get this 0.1ETH, it up to your BET during that day. if 100 users want that 0.1 ETH they will BET together. the DICE game will give you the Number 1,2,3,4,5,6 

    Then the system will calculate a Total Number for you. The TOTAL NUMBER is from DICE NUMBER * Your AB + (User You Lead)*10

     For example, you play dice got a number 3, you have 200AB and lead 12 users. Your Total Number is 3*200+12*10=720.

    YES, whose number is big. Who will get that 0.1 ETH. It maybe cost 2 or 3 months.