Tech: About POP mode under Blockchain

  • From Hybrid-Blockchain to totally Blockchain

    The POP (proof of promotion) is better than POS & POW mode. 


    POW (proof of work) is to throw the money into water then exchange your coin. And it needs millions of USD investment. if you want to dig Bitcoin (POW), that is not about your business.

    POS (proof of stake) is just like a scam, your money will into the owner's wallet to exchange your coin. If you want to dig ETH (pos) there is no way.

    POP mode

    POP (proof of promotion) is very fair! you can promote AB to teach people how to use it, the Coin will airdrop into your wallet.

    1. Everyone could Dig AB&ABUSD, not like BTC and ETH there is no way to dig BTCÐ.

    2. The coin has value, not create from Air. If you introduce A it will not airdrop coin to you. only A has activities of payment you can share the payment fee. Part of the payment fee will airdrop into your wallet. the ABUSD they share with you is from the exchange with USDT & ETH. So you can exchange ABUSD in one minute on our exchange platform.

    The exchange platform only in argot me now, but after we issue the main network (Full blockchain) 

    HOW POP?

    Under Hybrid-blockchain (now), we can find who introduce you using AB. But how about under Full-blockchain? There are other solutions.

    If under Full blockchain, if you created a wallet that is Zero Amount. then whose who sent you First Money, his account will be identified as the referral person. That is the solution.