White Paper V5.0 for AB : APPs makes it powerful

  • The game, ride-hailing service, hostel, e-commerce, IM...

    In the V5.0 the AB with its payment solution will mostly create more APPs for supporting the AB system and make it powerful than other coins.

    In V5.0 there are many changes:

    1. the APP of argot me will issue.

    2. Argot Me will be IM software, such as Telegram or Signal.

    3. It will be built in the Apps: Wallet, Game, Hostel, Car service, e-commerce.

    If the V5.0 coming it will like a traditional Hi-tech company, not like "Fintech". But it will better than Bitcoin, it will create really money not like ETH from 1000USD to 85USD if your money is really, it can not crash. in the past two years the market was crashed but AB from 1USD to 6USD.

    Create the really money, not fake one.