Bible of Maitreya Society

  • Written by: Grand master Zhou

    Chapter 1 : Gods  created people

    Bibles of Buddhist actually were < Encyclopedia of Aliens >. According to Bibles of Buddhist, there is three categories of Aliens :


    The Desire Realm 欲界;

    The Form Realm 色界;

    The Formless Realm无色界;


    In Desire Realm there is at least six kinds of Aliens. Earth is in Desire Realm, human being has Five Desires: Money, Sex, Success, Food, Sleep.


    Earth is Jambu-dvipa Planet 南赡部洲, Earth is painful world but special, our planet could Update its civilization many planets cannot.


    According to Sumerian ancient story: Anunnaki or Gods from Nibiru Planet to Earth for Mining Gold for repair the sky of Nibiru Planet. Anunnaki created people.


    According to Chinese ancient story, the God Nuwa女娲 mining on earth for repair the sky. God Nuwa created people.


    Chinese Han Ethnic people were one part of Sumerian came from Mid-east that’s why both stories were same : the Alien modify their DNA created Sumerian people.


    Sumerian & Giant God

    The God’s lifetime was 360000 years. Sumerian were the direct descendants of Gods: Black Hair, Yellow Skin , Smart Brain. They has ability to communicate with God and 600 years lifetime.

    Yellow People Sumerian created as Manager. Black People created serve for Sumerian. White people created for God’s food. Giant created for Miner.


    Giant same Height with God, 5 meters high. they has the high-technology-equipment that can easy cutting the big stones.


    Ancient Greek Temple was built for 5 meter high giant God

    Ancient Greek Temple is built for Gods. We can see, the Gods were 5 meters high.


    Human created as Slaver and Food of God.


    God not completely using their DNA, they locked some functions. That’s why we Stupid and Weakness. God locked the Violence-DNA of  giant, that giant is very nice and gentle.


    Why God so afraid his Slaver and Food?


    Because Earth could Update. This is a Painful Planet but makes Earth evolution its civilization. After Black Death is the European Renaissance. After World Wide War II the unprecedented rush of innovations.


    Earth will Update its civilization every 2160 years. Before the Update there is Big Chang. During the Big Change most of population will dead. The survivor generation will much intelligence than previous generation.


    Earth is special, it can Update, that Awaked-Anunnaki try to using it save themselves.

    Chapter 2 : War between Gods

    Eight Anunnaki King  ruling the earth for 241200 years. More than 4000 years ago God leaves earth, Sumerian King ruling the world.


    Gods make love with human women results human’s DNA close to God. God even teach their sons Alien-Knowledge. The Canaanite same like God high-intelligence and eat white people.


    Of course it is violate the Ruler. Gods divided into two groups, one supporting human , another against human. Dispute of two groups of Gods were lead to War.


    Emperor of Huang is the ancestor of Chinese Han Ethnic people. Who believe the leader of Gods standing for Human. Huang was born about 2717 BC. he won the war after all.


    About 2600 BC another war between Huang and another kind of Alien 蚩尤 Chioo happen. Chioo was very powerful, Multi-Hands and Metal Body with Wings.


    This kind of alien must from Form Realm 色界 their planet far away from earth, they has no Digestive System, the Energy System of their body is from Radiation. At least Nibiru planet join the war helped Huang win the war.


    Emperor of Huang

    In the end of his story, Huang ride a Yellow Dragon back to sky. The Yellow Dragon seems like a UFO.




    These photos was taken on July 7, 2010 that UFO over Hangzhou Xiao Shan Airport , Zhejiang Province , China.


    Many persons witness this Long Huge UFO over Hangzhou City.  It is long and huge. inside this Huge UFO there is 5 meters high Gods. I think Huang’s Yellow Dragon was same like this UFO.


    Huang ride Yellow Dragon UFO back to Nibiru Planet nearly 5000 years ago. Peoples on Nibiru Planet has 360000 years lifetime. So, I think the ancestor of Chinese Han Ethnic people still alive.


    Chinese Han Ethnic people carry forward the Sumerian Customers :


    The land of china, they called 神州 meant the Land of Gods. Chinese never evolution any Religions or God they were Ancestor Worship. their ancestor is God the Ancestor Worship maintain the relationship with Gods.


    Chinese called the King WanSui 万岁. WanSui mean 10000 years king. That WanSui is from Anunnaki King who ruling the world. Sumerian only 600 years lifetime.

    Chapter 3 : 2nd war between Gods and Flood

    According the Chinese Ancient Scrolls, ZhuanXu 颛顼 is the grandson of Emperor of Huang. GOGO 共工氏 is the descendance of Huang's enemy YAN.


    The second war between Gods happened. At least ZhuanXu won the war. GOGO was so angry that he throw a Mountain makes Huge Flood.


    Emperor of Huang's descendance YU 禹 fixed the damage of flood. YU using the Giant and Hi-tech Equipment. Giants were using to mining, but now using for fix the damage of flood.


    YU was dead at Shao Xing , Zhejiang Province China.


    《国语·鲁语下》said YU call on the Gods attending meeting at foot of Kuai Ji mountain near Shao Xing . But FOFO was late. That makes YU angry and killed him.



    According the Chinese Ancient Scrolls, the Giant's name is FOFO 防风氏. Even one of FOFO makes YU angry and killed because he late for meeting. The giant community only petition not fight back because the Violence-DNA locked by God when they created.


    About 1500 years later, 544 BC, in Zhou Dynasty. then china was in civil war, the army discover Giant Skeletal Remains in Shao Xing , Zhejiang province. The giant extinct long ago, then people never see such a huge Skeletal they asking specialist of Chinese Ancient Scrolls Confucius. After all Confucius said that is FOFO.


    In 1992, FOFO’s home was fund in Long You , Zhejiang Province.


    FOFO’s Home

    FOFO’s Home was a man-made-cave in Stone Hill , that cave was 20 meters to 40 meters high and 5 rooms total 5100 SQMs. Using Alien Technology to build it.


    The cave was digging by Hi-Tech equipment believed given by Gods. That the wall of cave so smooth meant the tech was beyond nowadays human technology. The stone seems like a cheese cake, easy to cutting by equipment of FOFO’s.


    Sumerian hat same like WuZhan Hat 乌毡帽 in Shao Xing, Zhejiang Province China

    God GOGO not only make the Flood he also poisoning human beings because after Flood the lifetime of human being from 600 years reduce to 100 years.


    After Flood, Gods were leave from earth.


    In the  of Christian the Jehovah made the Flood. We know the same flood really existence, so Jehovah is God GOGO ?


    Jehovah order Israeli using Alien Weapon (the Ark of the Covenant) to kill Canaanite. why Jehovah not directly kill the Canaanite. If Jehovah is GOGO because he Lost the war and escape from earth. So he need Israeli to kill Canaanite.



    Chapter 4 :  God back to earth first time

    DIKU 帝喾 is the great-grandson of Emperor of Huang.


    His wife Jiang Yuan was met a Footprint of Giant then Pregnant. After born the baby, she was so afraid that abandon the baby in wild.


    But the God-Bird was protect the baby. so Jiang Yuan take the baby back home. The baby named Abandon, in Chinese he called QI


    God bird of Sumerian is Anunnaki with simple flying device.

    When QI grow up, he automatically knowing how to plant crops, the civilization of agriculture start.




    Why his mother abandon him in wild ? I think it is about the Giant.


    Of course her story was Fake, the God who was 5 meters high caught her and plant a Fertilized Egg in her Uterus. That Fertilized Egg has more Gods-DNA inside. That is why Qi can establish a new era of agriculture civilization.


    Qi was born about 2000 BC. He was the earliest ancestor of Zhou Dynasty.

    Chapter 5 :  God back to earth second time

    QI’s son BUKU lead the family leave Mid-east to China.


    After hundreds years later in china. Qi's descendants Zhou Wenwang 周文王 was born 1152 BC. Then  china ruling by a powerful regime Shang Dynasty.


    Shang People were Sumerian, they like Canaanite prefer eating white people as food. Zhou State move to china they were dependent state of Shang, one of their duty is catching white people for Shang as food.



    Zhou Wenwang born  1152 BC

    Zhou Wenwang is a famous philosopher in Chinese History, he wrote a book called 易经 which believed that knowledge from Aliens.


    That book in china also called Zhou’s Changes 周易

    That book teach you how to Direct Communicate with Gods and knowing what will happen in future.


    Zhou Wenwang was VASA GRAND MASTER also the King of Zhou State and the King of SIBO.


    God back to earth second time.


    《墨子·非攻下》said : A God-Bird coming  and order Zhou Wenwang against Shang Dynasty and instead of it.



    God with simply flying device landing and ordering Zhou Wenwang instead of Shang Dynasty. Zhou Wenwang accept the order of God.


    Finally his son established Zhou Dynasty in 1046 BC. That regime in Chinese history for more than 800 years. It is also earliest democracy state on this planet.


    《诗经.大雅.文王》said : Zhou Wenwang was company with God now.



    According the ancient book of <诗经>  Zhou Wenwang is together with Gods now. That mean same like Huang he ride the ‘Yellow Dragon’ back to Mother Planet.



    Chapter 6 :  Why god back to earth First time


    Bibles of Buddhist actually were < Encyclopedia of Aliens >.


    Anunnaki is bloody cruel, They created human as slaver, they eat white people. Our Gods were Awaked-Anunnaki, they know the problem of Anunnaki. God back to earth edit the DNA of QI and QI know how to plant Crops.


    Before QI, Sumerian like Anunnaki eating white people. Their food list lack of Crops their Mind lack of Love.


    After QI, Zhou Dynasty People were not eat white people any more they were Updated Sumerian.


    The evidence is most organs were consume Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate. But Han Ethnic Brian only consume Carbohydrate. The Carbohydrate is only from Corps. According Bibles of Buddhist, these Brain is from another planet : Uttara-Kuru 北俱卢洲.


    Uttara-Kuru Alien were freedom and love each other, they were handsome and beautiful, square face, 1000 years lifetime and blue hair.


    There is trees on Uttara-Kuru planet when the Fruit Dehiscence it will drop out the clothes and other things Uttara-Kuru alien needed.


    Uttara-Kuru alien no marriage. If man and women want Make Love they will go to a tree, the tree will cover them when they make love. If women give birth the baby will rise up by community.


    Uttara-Kuru alien only eat Rice. all their organs only consume Carbohydrate. That is the evidence: QI’s brain was from Uttra-Kuru Alien.


    Uttara-Kuru is happy planet no painful so their civilization could not update. Earth is painful but our civilization could update.


    Our God back to earth updated QI mixed with Uttara-Kuru alien DNA.


    Sumerian with Love is updated race : Vasa People.


    According  Jesus maybe one of the Vasa People. He killed by Jews because of Spread Love. In that Era less people know Love.


    Chapter 7 :  Why god back to earth second time


    Anunnak created White People for eat. Sumerian were God’s Manager one of their mission is catching the Food-People 菜人 for God.


    Sacrifices Baby to God

    In ancient Mid-east people sacrifices their Baby for pleasure Giant God. In South-America there is also massive sacrifices.


    In the < Bible. Old Testament > Abraham binding Isaac sacrifices to God. God prefer eating Child because Child is delicious. So Abraham is white people created for food purpose.


    Abraham Binding Isaac, God prefer eating child

    Sumerian People were directly descendants of Gods so they eat white people. Shang Dynasty is one part of Sumerian.


    QI’s son BUKU lead the Zhou State leave Mid-east to China. They were dependent state of Shang they catching the Food-People for Shang Nobles. According to ancient scroll, these Food-People were Qiang 古羌人, they were White People.



    Skeleton in Shang Dynasty Bronzes, they eat human as ordinary food

    QI mixed Uttara-Kuru alien-DNA and learned Mercy and Love, his descendants also, they were Updated Race : Vasa People.


    God back to earth second time ordering Zhou Wenwang instead of Shang Dynasty. Zhou Dynasty established more than 3000 years ago: White People were Saved.


    Zhou Dynasty much like a Modern Society: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Sex, Respecting Women, Citizen Protesting Government, democracy……


    About 841 B.C citizens were protesting and the King escape. Nobles were using democracy run the government. Zhou Dynasty is the earliest Democracy Regime on this planet.


    Why Our God back to earth second time?


    Because the Ruler of Earth is Update including Civilization and Race. Only the Coming Race were promised to be saved.


    Animal-Head Giant were God’s descendants, but when Sumerian be Coming Race, God killed all the Animal-Head Giants.


    Shang Sumerian were directly descendants of God. but When Zhou be Coming Race God ordering Zhou instead of them.


    God told a Ruler on Earth: only Coming Race promised to be saved.

    Chapter 8 :  Coming Maitreya age

    Why Awaked-Anunnaki declare war for us?


    Because they know Earth is special, less planet can Update.


    According <华严经> which worte more than 1000 years ago, it said: in the palace of Trayastrimsa world, there is a Net with Lighting Pearl, it connected one by one and unlimited. This is IndraNet.


    Grand Mater Zhou said : a Net with Lighting Pearl mean the Optical Fiber with the Routers and Switches. The IndraNet mean the INTERNET which connected one by one.


    <华严经>  describe the nowadays earth. So the earth is Trayastrimsa Planet 忉利天 now.


    Before the earth is Jambu-dvipa Planet 南赡部洲. But it can Update one civilization to another one. Now it is Trayastrimsa Planet 忉利天. According the Bibles of Buddhists, the coming era is Maitreya Planet 弥勒佛国.


    Trayastrimsa Planet 忉利天 mean Thirty-Three Planet. There will be Thirty-Three Masters as King of Thirty-Three States. Then the Maitreya will go to earth and preaching. Bibles said : if Maitreya is preaching mean the painful will end and Heaven will coming.


    This is the ruler of earth : Update.


    After ‘Big Change’ the old world instead by new world. Big Change including great powers of destruction and recreation. It will destroy the things in old world and created a new world.


    On Nibiru Planet their civilization maybe destroyed and break off. On the Planet of Uttara-Kuru 北俱卢洲 they were still eating the rice and happy life like thousands years ago. But on earth destroyed and recreated several times, our civilization still strongly grow and Update on this painful planet. Only on earth there is Haven and Future.


    God willing their descendants on earth and enjoy the coming haven age. That’s why God declare war for us.


    According the Bibles of Buddhist, the next age is : Age of Maitreya Buddha 弥勒佛国. that is a Heaven on earth. This Age maybe coming in several decades later.


    Bibles describe that:


    Number One : in the Age of Maitreya 众生成佛 everyone could be Buddha. life is very like Uttara-Kuru Planet just like in Heaven. People were Handsome and Beautiful , no marriage there but Freedom of Sex and community rise up the baby.


    Grand Master Zhou said : Because then people using Edit DNA Technology so that everyone could make later generation in God-Ethnic, so that’s why they were all Handsome and Beautiful, that’s why everyone could be Buddha.


    Number Two :  Uttara-Kuru People only 1000 years lifetime but in the Age of Maitreya Human 84000 years lifetime.


    Grand Master Zhou said :  then people Edit the Human DNA and unlock the functions God locked. The 84000 years lifetime is from Anunnaki’s DNA, our God have 360000 years lifetime.


    Number Three :  in the Age of Maitreya Human baby like 5 years old child when they give birth. The man who lead to that Age has 1000 sons.


    Grand Master Zhou said :  then people in the Age of Maitreya using Artificial Uterus Technology. Babies were created in Baby Farm. Baby Farm is a big factory with Automatic Equipment. It can pregnancy 1000 babies at same time.


    Artificial Uterus Technology will coming soon

    Maitreya Age maybe coming in several decades later, it will evolution for several decades and established a Heaven Age on earth. In that age people were much advantage intelligence, they will develop spaceship go to other planets.


    But under the ruler of earth when it Update, The Big Change before Update might be kill all the people who belong to Old World.


    You should to be one of Coming Race so can witness that Age.


    How can we be one of the Coming Race and promised be saved ?



    Chapter 9 :  the chosen one

    Shang Dynasty is High-Level-Sumerian they eating white people that is the special right of God. God protect them in China. They were God’s son and ancestor of Korean.


    Shang was the first race Chosen by God.


    Shang people like God Powerful but no Mercy. God update the DNA of Qi from Sumerian to Vasa People :  a Coming Race Powerful and Mercy.


    When God ordering Zhou Wenwang instead of Shang. This message makes Vasa People surprise and shocked their values.


    They trust in God, and respect Shang because they were selected by God. Shang were high-level Sumerian they were “The Chosen One”,  but now Zhou be “The Chosen One”. They understand God will not always chose one if you beyond by Coming Race.


    Then people have ability directly communicate with God. When Zhou Dynasty established 3000 years ago, they report to God that: 《诗经·大雅·文王》:文王在上,于昭于天。周虽旧邦,其命维新。


    It said :  God ordering Zhou Wenwang instead of Shang. We establish Zhou Dynasty now. Zhou State is an Ancient State, we will follow the ruler, always Update Ourselves as a Coming Race.


    From this Reporting to God, we can guess the Content of God’s order and other things:


    Number One : This reporting is 3000 years ago. But it said Zhou State is an ancient state. That mean Zhou is a state of Sumerian in mid-east.


    Number Two : Shang were selected by God, but now Zhou be selected. Only the coming race be selected. If Zhou outdated God will also give up Zhou.


    Number Three : God helps human updated, God helps Sumerian and update Sumerian to Vasa people, but in later future Vasa people should update themselves, that’s why they said “always Update Ourselves as a Coming Race”.


    Vasa People understand, the ruler of earth is Update, you must follow the ruler. “The Chosen One” is not important, If you were not the coming race, when earth update its civilization you will destroyed with old world.


    God cannot help you, you must update yourself always to be Coming Race.



    Chapter 10 :  Maitreya Society

    People in Zhou Dynasty have ability to directly communicate with Gods. But they establish a modern society the first democracy regime on earth. Their DNA was pollution after several hundred years later, less people have this ability.


    The people who still has this ability called : 国学大师 Vasa Master. Most of masters were think tank of kings.


    Grand Master Zhou was born in 1980 in Zhejiang Province China. Philosopher, Buddhist Master and Ancient Scrolls Master. He wrote the books of :


    <Bible of Maitreya Buddha> in 2009

    <Reform of Vasa and coming third republic> in 2014

    <The Vasa Sate> in 2016

    <Bible of Maitreya Society> in 2019


    Zhou’s book discover Chinese Han Ethnic. Han汉 mean Milky Way Galaxy that the Ethnic from Stars. His book promote youngers wake up and lead to Huang Han movement which against the pro-left policy of  government. Political Police try to make him in deep trouble without the warrant form authority. Since 2016, he escape exile in other countries.


    Grand Master Zhou try to establish a Maitreya Society Fundation to awake the human being for coming age.


    Maitreya Era is on the earth, Human who Update ourselves so could be saved and as a witness in coming age. So that’s why we must establish a Maitreya Society.


    Maitreya Society mission to Donation, Missionary, Built our Community, Education, Promote the Technology Updated.


    Follow the order of God:


    How can we update ourselves as Coming Race:


    Number One : We should build a Community 兜率内院, it just like a Heaven which the Bibles of Buddhist mentioned yet and it also mentioned that heaven on the earth. People in this community is Freedom of Sex if born the baby the community will rise up. Just like on Uttara-kuru planet.


    Number Two : Here is only three Masters, we need organized a Team to finding more Masters in China, Pakistan, Afghan, Himalaya, Lebanon, Syria, East Europe. We will persuade them live in Community but if they refuse we will also persuade them donate their Sperm for ladies who want born a God-Ethnic baby.


    Number Three : We will advocate ladies using Maters Sperm for pregnancy, so that the next generation of community will much close to God-Ethnic, Hi-intelligence.


    Number Four : The later generation could using the DNA Edit Technology and Artificial Uterus Technology to create a Coming Race that 84000 lifetime, very Hi-intelligence, Powerful and Mercy. They were the Coming Race.


    Follow the order of God:


    We should Missionary, Donation, Development and Research:


    Number One : We need missionary and donation. Because we need many money to build the community.


    Number Two : We need invest on future technology, like Quantum, Torsion field, Scalar wave, Zero-point energy.


    Number Three : We need invest on the technology which could promote Missionary and Donation.


    More of Grand Master Zhou’s Bibles will translate in English.

    Grand Master Zhou




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