The fetures of coming Main Network of AB&ABUSD

  • As we said: AB is better than BTC & ETH because it created for Payment!  so the features are:

    1. POS confirmation

    To confirm the transactions, it will use POS, because POS is much faster and low cost than POW. if you want PAYMENT, only POS.

    2. Friendly account

    1.The account will much shorter than Eth. 

    2. Account information update (need charge 5ABUSD) to binding your personal information and photo (using for coming privacy social media APPs)

    3. Payment Gateway

    POS confirm still not fast enough. As for PAYMENT purposes such as Alipay & Wechat, it still needs PAYMENT GATEWAY PROVIDER to helps the user confirm in 1 second and deal with the complex payment batch.

    Now we have the Flash Payment Solutions that: Using the DEFI to name fast confirm. The payment gateway could be confirmed before the blockchain confirm.