New Airdrop of AB will much Exciting: 0.3 AB Per day but only for The Lucky One

  • The new airdrop system will developing in May. It is not like "24H free Bet", that is for everyone. New-Airdrop is only for Lucky One. 

    It maybe airdrop 0.3AB each day. For example, if 100 users like it who will get it? it up to many including Lucky(Dice), AB amount in your account(Amount+Defi), How many persons you lead them here(Dig AB)...

    If you join this game your Amount and Defi and how many persons you lead here will publish to all users. (also for another 99 users)

    So, the 100 users will have 24 hours to Bet (Dice game) get a Bet Number (1 to 6). 

    The Total Number = Bet Number *  (Your AB amount + Defi) + (Persons you lead)

    For 100 users, who have the Biggest Total Number will get it.

    Argot trying to make BlockChian much fairness the Fairness airdrop system could create the next generation of CryptoCurrency. Bitcoin & Eth is not fair.