White Paper of Argot Me

  • Ecc Chat APP

    Why Argot Me?

    Argot Me will develop the ECC CHAT APP, which using Elliptic Curve Cryptography on chat app. 

    There are many peer-to-peer encrypted chat software, such as whatsapp, telegram, etc., have serious security problems, and can even be suspected of being a trap by the government.


    Matrix is a decentralized encrypted chat system designed to solve the above problems, but Matrix still has many problems:

    1. Code review is difficult

    2. Difficult to install and deploy

    3. Use non-mainstream technology

    4. The encryption scheme using AES is not safe enough

    We think MATRIX is right, but it is not perfect.

    That is why Argot Me

    The argot me will also using the decentralized like MATRIX but will solve its problem.

    A. Mainstream tech

    We will using PHP & MYSQL to develop it that mainstream tech will easy to code audit and easy to install.

    B. ECC

    We will using ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptography to intead of AES as the rumor said the government can easily crack AES.


    As using Google keyborad it will recode and upload what you type. so the app need an open source keyborad to install with the APP.

    D. PLUS

    if the APP is popular we will add plus inside like wallet & e-commerce & Game etc.....