White Paper V3.0 for AB : Better, wide and fair dig Solution

  • POP, proof on promotion

    Dear users:

    All the coins we give you free drops to Zero. but during the past two years market crash the AB price is from 1USD to 6USD, which does not give you free.

    All the coins not for free have their values such as Bitcoin or ETH, but did you ever dig the coins? I think you were not!

    The decentralized coin dig industry Monopoly by Oligarchs is unfair.

    Another problem is POW wasted much power just like you throw one USD into water exchange one coin, it seems fair but one USD is wasted into water. The POS is just like you throw one USD into my wallet. both two types of methods do not really benefit the Coin community.

    AB was willing to give a better, wide, and fair solution to dig the coin. That is in the V3.0 mission.

    In V3.0 every user could dig AB coin without professional knowledge we called it POP (proof on promotion).

    If your promotion the AB you got the AB, that is the better fair and wide method to dig the coin. 

    1st, it does not give it for free, such as Bitcoin has its cost to get it. mean your promotion work equal to the value of the coin.

    2nd, it is not like POW (Bitcoin) the money is wasted on power, all your work has benefited the AB community. 

    3rd, it is not like POS (ETH) the value is in my wallet, all your promotion work is share with the community.

    4th, it is no need for professional knowledge and investment, every one could dig it. so it is wider than Bitcoin.

    POP on AB coin: How to Dig AB?

    1. you can create a promote link, for people who registered and activated their account, you will get the airdrop AB.

    2. you can create a telegram group, and add the BOT we developed for you, teaching your member how to using AB exchange, AB game, you will get the airdrop AB.

    3. you can lock your AB into Hybrid-Defi, you will get from 10% to 25% per year.

    4. you can code for ARGOT ME if you were a programmer that got your AB.

    5. more methods will coming...