said: We still alive and better!

  • The mission of white paper V.2.0 done well: Better Exchange, Defi, Payment.

    Dear users:

    In the past two years, the market crashed and 99% of projects disappeared. We still alive and better. AB coin from 1USD up to 6USD during the market crashed two years.

    After conduct the mission of white paper V1.0, the exchange platform completed without ICO. Now the V2.0 finished much better Exchange, Defi, and Payment Solutions.

    About Defi:

    You can use Defi in your wallet now! but the industry has no experience with the risk of Defi. Mostly it has a risk of Liquidity and risk of Inflation. In the future, AB Defi will be using in FLASH PAYMENT. if you have 100AB in Defi then you pay 99AB it will be confirmed in 0.5 seconds. The payment gateway could directly confirm the amount which less than your Defi, no need wait like Bitcoin or Eth coin.

    About ABUSD:

    The exchange platform supporting USDT yet. Why not directly using USDT because the ABUSD will be composed in the coming Main Network. it means the AB will the first network with its steady coins!!! in the future, it could exchange directly in Main Network.

    About Dig AB: POP MODE

    AB is very special, At the first stage, the Dig Mode is POP means Proof of Promotion. which is a very fair mode for Dig. If you want to dig Bitcoin you need to invest Millions of USD equipmnts. In AB you Zero invest just referral people register and teach them how to use Defi, Game, Payment, Exchange. If they used the AB coin will airdrop to your wallet.

    Maybe after 2Millions users, the POP mode will be stopped because the Main Network will issue, and it only supporting POS.

    About AB-Main Network

    In the future, 1. AB Main network will compose its own steady coin, 2. the network will support the exchange, so no need exchange platform. 3. Super Fast Payment Solution, it is very important, it could make AB using in e-commerce as real money.

    Strategy on Liquidity 

    If anything worked well, Argot Me will develop a ride-hailing service APP such as UBER. the rigid demand APP could create steady Liquidity. You can use the coin to pay for the car service. Also Argot Me could develop security IM app such as Telegram, the APP binding with the Wallet could create extensive users.

    The V2.0 mission completed without ICO. Enjoy new and exciting functions.