How to use AB Payment, Exchange, Game and How to Dig AB

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    After you registered you need to press the WALLET ICON to enter your WALLET first. 


    In your wallet, the bottom of the wallet has four ICONS the first link to GAME, the second one link to DEFI. You can see in your wallet there is the account of ABUSD, AB, and ETH. 

    ABUSD is a steady coin that equals one U.S dollar. ABUSD is using for PAYMENT & EXCHANGE.

    AB is using for GAME & DEFI, you can DIG AB with some methods. in the past 3 years, the market crashed but AB from 1USD to 6.6 USD now.

    ETH is for your deposit & withdraw your money which your earned from here. Don't worry about the Liquidity. we have an auto-program to exchange your ABUSD into ETH in One Minute and you can withdraw it in 48 hours.


    If you were a new user, at the bottom of your wallet there are two buttons One is Binding your Telegram, it will inform your account activities such as Receive Coin inform.

    Another one is Binding your ETH address, this is security confirmation. after you binding, all your Deposit and Withdraw, we only to this binding address. That is very secure. If someone stole your password he can not stole your ASSETS. because the Coins only withdraw to your binding address.5 To confirm your address, you need a deposit very tiny amount of ETH from your binding address, the Tiny Amount must match with the given number. the number for each person is not the same.


    After you binding your ETH address, now you can use the functions. the first function I will teach you is Exchange. Press the ETH icon deposit some ETH into your account.


    Then press DEPOSIT, you just using your Binding Address to send the ETH to our address it will automatically be confirmed and your ETH account amount will be added.

    1. Exchange 


    Press the NO3 ICON at the top of the page, that is the EXCHANGE ICON. then you  Press the ABUSD to ETH pair and start.


    The ABUSD & ETH pair is auto-trading with the ETH global price. You need to press the First line in Green(Buy ETH) it will auto input the price then you input the ETH amount you want to sell and press the RED (Sell ETH). 

    You will get the ABUSD from Exchange. If you have ABUSD, you can go to ABUSD & AB pair to buy some AB. 

    2. Payment


    Now you have the ABUSD it is a steady coin using to Exchange and Payment. Try the Payment Function. input your friend's USERNAME and Amount you want to transfer. Then press SEND. you will excite about this new function.

    AB is trying to create a Payment Blockchain, it is the future. Payment will make us better than BTC and ETH.

    3. Game


    Now you have ABUSD, it is time to exchange some AB to play the Game.


    The Game was very fair as the RESULT could confirm with MD5 to prove it is fair.


    Every 24 hours, you can log in to your wallet, there the Free Bet from airdrop of AB. it is free of charge. Enjoy! Hope you lucky to dig the AB from Game.

    4. DEFI

    If you exchanged AB you can try DEFI. it is a better way to Dig AB.


    You can lock your AB for 365Days and the system will airdrop the interest immediately. Now the DEFI is 15% return per year. after 365 days the locked AB will automatically unlock.

    5. Dig AB


    If you have opened DEFI, then you can press DIG AB. it is a function that will create a link for you. For people who registered from your link. all their activities will share with you. Now it is a super good return if you promote your link. You will get:

    A. Withdraw Fee: 0.005ETH each time.

    B. Payment Transfer: 0.5% of amount ABUSD.

    C. Exchange Fee: 0.05% of amount ABUSD

    D. Game: 1% of AB each bet.

    E. DEFI: 15% of Defi amount. 


    Because the people you introduce only have activities so that you can share the coins. So it needs you to teach him how to use one by one. For TEACH purpose, you can see the people who from your link and his Telegram. Then contact him and teach him. It is in the Terms of Use, people agree to share the username and telegram username to those who introduce them. 

    Liquidity Risk

    We just waiting for the PAYMENT GATEWAY developed. if it finished we will opensource the Exchange. So that the exchange platform is free of charge.

    Of course, all those exchange platforms will use ABUSD & AB. Now the liquidity of AB & ABUSD is not enough, but after we issue the Exchange Platform it will improve in the future.

    In fact, We already have an Exchange Platform now it can opensource now, but the blockchain tech of AB is much complex than BTC&ETH. We need it confirm in 1 second. you can read the article <Why AB is the Future and much better than BitCoin & ETH>

    So the plan is to develop the PAYMENT GATEWAY first. after payment gateway, so that the exchange, the game could opensource. Then continue to develop the Blockchain tech.