Ambition of AB is offer financial infrastructure to Small Countries and protect people in War

  • One diplomatic officer said during the war in his country, the currency value was damaged people using a Phone Charge card instead of Money.

    If the war coming, Financial infrastructure will be damaged especially in such a world that will be coming to WAR III and many countries in Africa and mid-east already start the proxy war.

    When Argot Me created 2 years ago, the market crashed and some Chinese professional people asked why the product designed such as: it not for ICO, it not for Gambling, it not for Exchange...

    What they said is right, that day an east Africa country diplomatic officer contact Argot Me told much, and the product not for collecting money but help people, protect people. it designs for payment.

    When the war coming, the brave people died, the currency value will be damaged after the government's exile. if a steady cryptocurrency could easy to pay as Alipay and WeChat. That could instead of the damaged center bank and repair the economy soon. 

    Argot Me never cheating your money, never ICO never collect your money because of this idea was planed got the investment from PE  but the problem of this project is not money, it about the political. Facebook has such a similar plan on Whatsapp, but they failed. 

    Offer the financial infrastructure for people in small countries mostly equal to 'instead' of the central bank. If technical could manage the people and low cost and better, that means the government has no reason to exist.