What will Argot Me do in future?

  • The ECC chat APP

    Our research and development direction is: decentralized encrypted chat technology.

    There are already many similar point-to-point encrypted chat apps, such as whatapp, wise, and telegram, but these apps all have a fatal problem: they are not secure enough.

    You will find that the word Encryption  seems more like marketing. Whether these apps are keyboards or encryption schemes, they are super insecure. More like a honeypot set up by the government.

    Argot Me Chat APP will use elliptic curve encrypted chat, which is currently the most secure encryption method which cannot be cracked by government intelligence agencies.

    Regarding this encrypted chat APP, we can disclose several features in advance:

    1. PHP

    This APP will adopt a decentralized installation mode, which means it will be written in PHP code and then downloaded by you for free. Your everyone's PHP code will be automatically networked.

    2. ECC

    Chat using elliptic curve encryption.