White Paper V2.0 for AB : Defi & Better Exchange

  • Dear users:

    In the WhitePaper 1.0, Argot Me promised built an exchange platform in 2018. After one year of development, it is delivered in 2019, and not ICO, not collected your money.  it is much better than other projects which cheating your money.

    In the past 2 years, the market crashed. Many exchange platform is closed because all the coin in the market was useless, no one will trading a useless coin.  

    All the scam projects they not closed by the government but the market crashed killed them all.

    Two years passed, we were still alive, it is not easy. Argot Me finished its V1.0 mission and it will start the V2.0 mission. 


    1. Dig AB

    In V1.0 the Airdrop service takes more than 8000 registered users on Argot Me. but the airdrop coin gives for free result it's useless. So in V2.0, will give the useful coins AB.

    In the wallet, it will create a Promotion Link, and all the users you lead and their activities will award the AB! a BOT that could manage your Digg AB.

    Because the activities like play game or exchange coin that will cost AB so don't worry about award AB will reduce the price, it is from earning.

    2. Hybrid-Defi

    Because AB is ERC20 standard, so the AB Defi is hybrid. Defi could be a solution for those who want to Dig AB, MAYBE the annual return is 10% to 25%. 

    AB still kept ERC20 standard maybe after V4.0 will update to Main Network. because the business model is still in testing. after that, the Defi will totally decentralized.

    3. ABUSD

    In V1.0 it is so hard to using ETH or AB for trading because their price is not 1USD. You need to calculate first then input the price. In V2.0 the ABUSD will issue and it is much convenient than before.

    Why not directly using USDT? because of the AB Main Network willing to be a coin with its own steady coin. So that's why designed ABUSD.

    In the BlockChain industry, Argot Me never ICO, never cheating your money. From 2018 to 2020, still alive. Until finish V2.0, the WhitePaper V3.0 V4.0 will be coming soon.

    The coming V3.0 maybe will opensource the game and volunteers will help you set up a Game App. V4.0 maybe the Payment Service. V5.0 maybe Ride-hailing App. after the business model steady the Main Network which decentralized will plan in the new version.

    Strategic of AB is much better than Bitcoin. the mission is to create Liquidity, easy to buy, easy to pay, binding the e-business......

    DEC 23, 2020