Why AB is the Future and much better than BitCoin & ETH?

  • 1. Why BTC & ETH is fake money?

    These days BTC is more than 30000 USD and ETH is more than 1000 USD, but people were not excited as 3 years ago. BTC and ETH are making the blockchain industry like a scam. ETH could from 1000 USD down to 85USD? because it is fake money, not the real one. it not binding to the value that's why the price crashed.

    Both BTC and ETH their tech could not make it in payment. Yesterday, one people withdraw 8ABUSD and he cost 0.012eth pay for the Gas Fee, it worth 12USD. it means too expensive, you can not use it like real money to buy a coffee. It is not only expensive but also slowly need 1 minute to confirm.

    Both coins cannot be used for payment!  Now their price is high but they could not fool all the people of all time. The price will crash and people will realize it is cannot using as real money and the value is not steady as real money.

    2. Real Money

    If you want to create real money, your coin must be using to PAYMENT. because REAL money has such a feature. 

    Value comes from the money exchange to goods, which could bind the value. if 1AB could buy a coffee, mean it binding to this value. so it is needed using in business. That's why AB PAYMENT SOLUTION is very important.

    You can try our demo. it is speedy and cheap. It could pay for a coffee in the shop. 1 second confirm. and cheap transaction fee.

    In the later version, the transaction fee may be directly submitted into the  Exchange Platform buy the AB to maintains AB's liquidity and price. and AB-DEFI will use to fast confirmation. if you have to pay an amount less than your AB-DEFI the payment gateway will directly confirm in 1 second. No need to waite the blockchain confirm.

    So the AB is: Payment, Payment, Payment,

    AB trying to create real money and make it use in ordinary business to create liquidity.

    3. Why AB-SOLUTION?

    Such payment business model is proofed in china like Alipay & Wechat. So AB chose such a business model.