our Telegram Group hacked by the BUG of telegram company

  • Dear members:

    The Telegram Group of AB mission can not be using. 

    our group (https://t.me/argotme) now changed (https://t.me/argotonme) was locked by telegram company. They said it is Pron Content.

    As we checked the reason of block the group is pron content. and we check it and fund one member has send many child pron pictures and then delete the account himself.

    Although Admin delete all the messages and ban this member and report it to Telegram. But finally, Group of AB mission blocked.

    We were angry about Telegram Company, the problem is the BUG of Telegram Company , not us.

    If any Hacker sent pron content to any Groups , then the Groups be blocked,  that is the Bug of Telegram himself.

    we establish a new group now: https://t.me/argot_me