AirDrop Service for SALE with Telegram Bot

  • (币种空投服务)帮你拉起万人电报群,自带垃圾信息拦截机器人

    About airdrop service:

    The airdrop service is a software developmented by This software was based on Telegram-bot , which can confirm the persons who receive your Coins. It also can automaticlly delete the spam messages by Bot. It can easy to establish a Telegram Group with more can 10000 members in one week.

    ARGOT ME 自主研发的空投软件,配合电报群机器人,可以帮你自动拉起万人电报群。自带垃圾信息删除机器人。

    About the payment :

    You can pay the service with ETH or AB(argotbit), now 1AB=0.002ETH, but if you pay the AB , you will got the discount.

    ARGOT ME 生态圈所有的服务,除了可以用以太币支付,还可以用AB (argotbit)来支付。目前:1AB=0.002ETH ,使用AB支付服务有折扣。空投服务的折扣为5折。

    Price with one Telegram Group :

    10 ETH 

    2500 AB (ArgotBit)