Advertise service for SALE

  • We offer the service on Report your plan. Of course the report is charge for ETH or AB (ArgotBit).The price for report once is 1 ETH or 300 AB.

    本社区基本以转载和翻译各国业内稿件,以及圈内同仁自己上传为主要内容,官方不会主动做新闻类报道。当然,我们也可以对ICO项目进行“原创报道”。可以收取以太币,或者AB(ArgotBit)。价格是:每篇报道 1ETH 或者 300个AB。

    We also offer the Advertise Banner which under every articles. the price is 3 ETH or 10000 AB per month.